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About Fiacre

Fiacre stands for "Format Intermédiaire pour les Architectures de Composants Répartis Embarqués", french for "Intermediate Format for the Embedded Distributed Component Architectures". Fiacre is a formally defined language for representing compositionaly both the behavioural and timing aspects of embedded and distributed systems for formal verification and simulation purposes.

The fiacre language was designed in the framework of several projects gathering industry and academics partners, by a consortium of scientists from the OLC then VerTICS team of LAAS-CNRS, the VASY project of INRIA and the ACADIE team of IRIT.

Fiacre descriptions embed the following notions:

Some introductory and reference documents on Fiacre can be found on the Documents page.


A list of projects (past or present) in which development of Fiacre was carried on:

Open Proofs Methodology for the European Train Control System
12/2011 - 36 months
Qualifiable Real Time Fiacre Transformation
05/2009 - 48 months
ITEmIS: IT and Embedded Integrated Systems
ANR Arpege
03/2009 - 36 months
TopMipy Topcased Midi-Pyrénées
08/2007 - 24 months
Spices Support for Predictable Integration of mission Critical Embedded Systems
09/2006 - 39 months
OpenEmbeDD Model Driven Engineering open-source platform for Real-Time Embedded systems
RNTL (Plateforme)
03/2006 - 36 months
Topcased Toolkit in OPen-source for Critical Application SystEms Development
08/2006 - 48 months
ACI Fiacre Models and Tools for Safety and Security Analysis of Distributed Components and their Composition
ACI Sécurité & Informatique
10/2004 - 24 months