Created June, 6th 2005 - Last modified April, 30th 2009.

Robust Multi-Objective Control toolbox

Software release planning

RoMulOC toolbox

This toolbox is intended to gather multiple theoretical results obtained these past 10 years in Robust Control. The aim is to have some simple functions for manipulating uncertain systems and building LMI optimization problems related to robust multi-objective control problems. The goal is not a commercial product but a platform for academic cooperative exchanges and possible demonstrations for small size application examples. Please do not hesitate to test RoMulOC and send feedback comments.


This package includes uncertain modeling facilities and associated robust analysis methods. The considered models are
The analysis tools are Lyapunov based. They go beyond the quadratic stability framework and include several PDLF-based (parameter-dependent Lyapunov function) methods. Robustness is analyzed with respect to
The numerical framework is semi-definite programming (SDP). Thanks to the YALMIP parser all available SDP solvers can be used.

Future versions are intended to perform multi-objective control design. The goal is ultimately to solve problems such as schematically drawn on the figure.


RoMulOC is developed by Dimitri Peaucelle with the help of several contributors : D. Arzelier, A. Bortott, M. Sevin, Ph. Spiesser.
Its development is supported by the
LAAS-CNRS as part of the OLOCEP project.

License agreement

RoMulOC is entirely written in Matlab and uses YALMIP for parsing LMIs. As for YALMIP, RoMulOC is free of charge and openly distributed. Note that both tools are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose (if your satellite crash or you fail your PhD due to a bug in RoMulOC or YALMIP, your loss!). RoMulOC and YALMIP may not be re-distributed as a part of a commercial product (if you make money from YALMIP, let Yohan in first!). RoMulOC and YALMIP must be referenced when used in a published work (give us some credit for saving your valuable time!).

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