TAMING - Taming nonconvexity ?
European Research Council Advanced Grant

Mini-workshop Optimization, Toulouse-Banyuls 2016

This mini-workshop is held in Toulouse (June 20-21) and in Banyuls (June 22-24).

  • The first day of the workshop (Monday June 20th) is part of the SPOT seminar series organized by the Optimization research community of Toulouse. There will be two talks by Monique Laurent (CWI, Amsterdam) and Etienne de Klerk (Tilburg University), both from Netherlands, and well-known researchers in Optimization. On Tuesday June 21st, it takes place at LAAS and consists of a few talks by several members of the MAC research group at LAAS, followed by informal discussion the audience.

  • The second part of the workshop is within the MAC seminar series held every year to promote scientific interaction between MAC members. This year it takes place in the city of BANYULS and will benefit the presence of A. Ahmadi and G. Hall (Princeton University, Princeton) and M. Sznaier (Northeastern University, Boston)