Use Cases

We will identify application scenarios for PANACEA, which will help to validate the scientific outputs of the project. These use cases should clearly demonstrate the advantages of the technology developed by this project. The use cases will help us define the scope of the project and the technologies that will be developed. The selection criteria will include relevance, impact and implementation feasibility. We will select one or two use cases, and once we establish the results, they will also be used as a part of the test bed activity and help to validate the technology produced in the project:

  • the use case(s) will be tested in the test-bed network of the Imperial College of London, which will be arranged to implement a certain number of independant private computing clouds connected through a realistic network topology, as well can be connected to external private clouds,
  • the use case(s) will also be simulated using the simulation tool NEST of QoS Design, so as to check the scalability of the proposed approaches for overlay management.

In addition, the OpenNebula user community will be used as a "horizontal" use case, so it will be polled in order to gather requirements about proactive autonomic features, as well as possible usage scenarios.