Deliverables and Publications


The following deliverables have been produced by the PANACEA consortium:



Journal publications 
- E. Gelenbe and R. Lent. Energy-QoS Trade-Offs in Mobile Service Selection. Future Internet 5(2): 128-139 (2013)
- J. Doncel, U. Ayesta, O. Brun and B.J. Prabhu. A resource-sharing game with relative priorities. Performance Evaluation 79: 287-305 (2014)
- C. Thraves-Caro, J. Doncel and O. Brun. Optimal Path Discovery Problem with Homogeneous Knowledge. LAAS report n°15181, 2015. Submitted to Theoretical Computer Science.
- L. Wang and E. Gelenbe. Adaptive Dispatching of Tasks in the Cloud. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, vol. PP, no 9, doi: 10.1109/TCC.2015.2474406.
- O. Brun, L. Wang and E. Gelenbe, Big Data for Autonomic Intercontinental Overlays, accepted for publication in IEEE Jour. Selected Areas in Communications - 2016 Special Issue on Emerging Technologies in Communications - Big data, 2015.
Conference Proceedings
- E. Gelenbe: A Software Defined Self-Aware Network: The Cognitive Packet Network. NCCA 2014: 9-14, Rome, Italy (2014)
- J. Doncel, U. Ayesta, O. Brun and B.J. Prabhu. A resource-sharing game with relative priorities. IFIP Performance 2014, Turin, Italy (2014)
- G. Gorbil, D.Garcia Perez and E. Huedo Cuesta. Principles of Pervasive Monitoring. ISCIS 2014, Krakow, Poland (2014)
- L. Wang and E Gelenbe. Experiments with Smart Workload Allocation to Cloud Servers. NCCA 2015, Munich, Germany (2015)
- A Pelligrini, P. Di Sanzo and D. R. Avresky, A Machine Learning based Framework for Building Application Failure Prediction Models, Proceedings of the 20th IEEE Workshop on Dependable Parallel, Distributed and Network-Centric Systems, Hyderabad, India (2015)
- D. R. Avresky, P. Di Sanzo, A. Pellegrini, B. Ciciani and L. Forte, Proactive Scalability and Management of Resources in Hybrid Clouds via Machine Learning, Proceedings of the 14th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications, Cambridge, MA (2015)
- P. Di Sanzo, A. Pellegrini and D. R. Avresky. Machine Learning for Achieving Self-* Properties and Seamless Execution of Applications in the Cloud. NCCA 2015, Munich, Germany (2015)
- E. Gelenbe and L. Wang, TAP: A Task Allocation Platform for the EU FP7 PANACEA Project, 4th European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing, Taormina, Italy (2015)
- O. Brun, H. Hassan and J. Vallet, Scalable, Self-Healing and Self-Optimizing Routing Overlays, IFIP Networking 2016, Vienna, Austria (2016)
- L. Wang, O. Brun and E. Gelenbe, Adaptive Worload Distribution for Local and Remote Clouds, submitted to 2016 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Budapest, Hungary (2016)