R-RoMulOC Randomized and Robust Multi-Objective Control toolbox



Latest release

R20160826 - August 26, 2016

Update to include new versions of scenario approach (including sequential scenario) in the randomized tools. Also includes randomized analysis of impulse-to-peak performance.
The complete toolbox: romuloc.zip.

This release has been tested on industrial examples of medium size. Still, it may contain bugs. Please send feedback comments for improvements.

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To install, delete any old RoMulOC directory, unzip the downloaded file, and update your path:

>> addpath whereIputTHEdirectory/romuloc
>> addpath whereIputTHEdirectory/romuloc/library
>> addpath whereIputTHEdirectory/romuloc/fromRACT

If you have used RoMulOC before, type

>> clear classes

or restart Matlab before using the new version. When this is done, most of the RoMulOC functions should work except for the essential ones that need to install YALMIP and at least one SDP solver among those listed here. The solvers should be installed as described in the solver manuals. Make sure to add required paths.

To test your installation, run the commands

>> yalmiptest


>> romuloc

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Previous releases

[R20160826] - Updated scenario and sequential scenario approaches for solving robust LMIs.
[R20150226] - Included scenario approach for solving robust LMIs.
[R20141107] - Update to fit updates from YALMIP.
[R20131206] - Major update. Some old syntaxes no more valid. The release is the first of the new R-RoMulOC version that includes randomized tools.
[R20121127] - Some added minor functionalities, corrected bugs and improved plots of ellipsoids of matrices.
[R20110614] - Misprint corrected.
[R20110601] - Complex valued LMIs automatically converted to real -plus- some minor modifications.
[R20110526] - Improvements : reduced size slack variables, extraction of worst case uncertainties, generation of random polytopic systems.
[R20090909] - Reported bugs corrected.
[R20090430] - Some improvements made. A new syntax is proposed for control problems definition. New features for robust multi-objective state-feedback are coded.
[R20070207] - Major update that includes the first functions for state-feedback design. Several bugs have been corrected and minor additional functions added.
[R20060828] - Bugs in library 'M11C01T11P21.m' corrected and a new function 'ssmodel/evalfr' has been added.
[R20051018] - Bugs in 'uncertainty/diag' corrected.
[R20050606] - First release.

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