A realtime model-checker for analyzing Twin-TPN

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Release 0.6 (3d18676, March 2019)

64 bits versions; other targets possible on request, see here.

  twina (Linux)   twina for PCs under Linux: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64

  twina.exe (Windows)   twina for PCs under Windows: PE32+ executable (console) x86-64

  twina (Darwin)   twina for Intel Macs under MacOS 10.10 and above

  vertics/twina   a Docker image for twina based on Ubuntu Bionic


Simply download the right executable for your OS and put it in a place where it can be found by your shell (this may include updating your PATH variables).


Twina can construct the State Class Graph from nets described in the same textual format than Tina (see information on the .net format in the Tina manual pages). The result should be similar to what is obtained with Tina’s option -W.

$ twina
8 marking(s), 12 domain(s), 12 classe(s), 29 transition(s)

In this example (), taken from [Berthomieu83], we have only 8 different reachable markings but 12 different classes. You may find examples of nets on the examples page or in the distribution of Tina. Alternatively, you can edit nets using nd (NetDraw), a GUI for Petri nets, Time Petri Nets and Automata that is distributed with Tina.

For more information on Twina, you can have a look at the how-to page.

News and Informations

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